Koya Medical Closes $11M Series A Financing Round


Koya Medical, an Oakland, Calif.-based healthcare company focused on treating lymphedema and vein disease, closed an $11m Series A funding.

The round was led by Arboretum Ventures with participation from Scientific Health Development Partners, ZĂŒhlke Ventures, Bolt, and InnerProduct Partners. In conjunction with the funding, Jan Garfinkle, founder and managing director of Arboretum Ventures, will join the board of directors and Josh Baltzell will continue as the Chairman.

Founded in 2018 and led by Andy Doraiswamy, PhD, President and CEO, Koya Medical recently received FDA-clearance for the Dayspringℱ product platform, a prescription only active wearable compression system for the treatment of lymphedema and venous insufficiency.

Dayspring is the first FDA-cleared digitally connected system designed to enable patient mobility during use.