Israel-Dubai Partnership Launches $100M Debt Investment Fund

Tel Aviv-based global fund manager Liquidity Capital and Dubai-based Vault Investments is to form a joint $100M venture debt investment fund based in Dubai.

The new fund will deploy debt financing funding aimed at fueling technology financing in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe, and will leverage technology already in use by Liquidity in that company’s Asia-Pacific and US investments. As part of the partnership, Liquidity Capital and Vault investment will open offices in Dubai, to more effectively locate potential investments in the region.

Together, Liquidity Capital and Vault Investments will leverage the region’s deep technological know-how and capital to surface business opportunities for Middle Eastern startups and growth companies.

Established in 2012 and led by Sultan Ali Lootah and Navas Ebin Muhammed, Vault Investments is a Dubai based firm investing in various companies and opportunities while providing investment advisory services to both organizations and governments.

Founded in 2017 by Ron Daniel, CEO, Liquidity Capital is a global fund manager providing growth capital through funds focused on the US, Asia and the Middle East. Its subsidiary fund, Singapore-based Mars Growth Capital, and its partner MUFG handle the company’s South East Asia activity. Liquidity’s recently-released proprietary platform, Liquidity Dynamics, is an advanced, real-time predictive modeling platform as a software service for VCs and other investment professionals.