Emboline Raises Over $10M in Series C Funding


Emboline, Inc., a Santa Cruz, CA-based medical technology company focused on reducing stroke during transcatheter heart procedures, completed an over $10m in Series C funding.

Backers included new and existing investors.

The company intends to use the funds to obtain initial commercial approval of the Emboliner and to launch its upcoming US IDE clinical study, which are both anticipated in 2021.

Emboline is a medical technology company that has developed the Emboliner™ Total Embolic Protection Catheter, an embolic protection device designed to provide total embolic protection by capturing and removing all debris from transcatheter procedures that would otherwise travel to the brain, kidneys and other critical organs, and reducing the incidence of stroke, cerebral ischemia, cognitive decline and other adverse outcomes associated with procedure-related emboli.

The Emboliner™ is not yet commercially available and is intended for investigational use only.  Performance specifications and claims are subject to revision pending completion of regulatory approvals. Emboline, Emboliner and SafePass are trademarks of Emboline, Inc.



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