Amalgam Rx Announces Acquisition of Avhana Health

Amalgam Rx

Amalgam Rx, Inc., a Wilmington, Del.-based Digital Therapeutics and Patient Support company, acquired Avhana Health, a clinical decision support (CDS) company, which has integrations with electronic health records (EHR).

The amount of the deal – Amalgam Rx’s first acquisition closed in January 2021, was not disclosed.

Amalgam Rx will expand Avhana’s CDS tools to multiple therapeutic areas and combine them with other digital solutions to simplify doctors’ workflows.

Led by Noah Weiner, chief executive officer, Avhana Health is a CDS company used by doctors to support real-time adoption of and adherence to clinical quality guidelines. Its SaaS-based CDS tool has been implemented in more than 150 provider groups and identifies over $120 million a year in cost savings. Enabling real-time two-way interactions within the EHR, the company optimizes provider workflow beyond simple data integration.

Led by Ryan Sysko, chief executive officer, Amalgam Rx creates digital medicine products and patient support programs to increase access, improve adherence, strengthen outcomes, and reduce costs of care. The company has built an innovative portfolio of digital solutions, including patient support programs, digital therapeutics, and digital-pharma combination products— delivered through a wide variety of business models. Its proven end-to-end methodology enables the entire lifecycle from R&D to commercialization. Working in partnership with many of the world’s leading life sciences companies, Amalgam Rx has deployed products across three continents.