XYZ Venture Capital Launches $80M Fund II

The XYZ Venture Capital team, from left to right: Chauncey Hamilton, Ross Fubini, Christine Hubbard, JeanClaude Dorsainvil, Mariana “Mars” Garza (Photo: Business Wire)

San Francisco, CA-based venture capital firm XYZ Venture Capital launched its $80m second fund.

Building on Fund I, which made early investments in companies now worth over $6 billion in aggregate value, XYZ’s new fund is dedicated to accelerating the growth and execution of early-stage companies.

The fund will back talented founders in the firm’s core areas of focus, consisting of fintech infrastructure, enterprise collaboration and tech-forgotten industries like insurance and the public sector.

Founded by Ross Fubini, Managing Partner, formerly of Kapor Capital, Canaan Partners and Village Global, XYZ is a venture firm that invests in early-stage founders to help them go faster. It aims to support entrepreneurs in building enduring companies in fintech, enterprise and tech-forgotten industries like insurance and the public sector. The firm primarily backs talented founders at the earliest stages of company building – people who have discovered a key insight and have an unfair advantage from “doing the work” or based on their own lived experience.

XYZ has made more than 40 investments to date. Fund I backed early-stage companies that are already worth more than $6 billion in aggregate value. Its current portfolio companies, including Anduril, Mosaic, Newfront Insurance, Nova Credit, Stir and Very Good Security.

The team also includes Chauncey Hamilton, Christine Hubbard, JeanClaude Dorsainvil, and Mariana “Mars” Garza.



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