OurCrowd Introduces First Venture Capital Fund to Canadian Small Investors


OurCrowd, a global venture investing platform, launched the fourth series in its flagship portfolio index fund, OC50, which will be available to individual investors in Canada.

The fund allows investors to make low minimum contributions and invest from their registered savings accounts.

OurCrowd’s OC50 was created as a diversified investment vehicle to offer more investors access to highly-vetted startups across a variety of sectors, stages and geographies, enabling investors to participate in the next 50 OurCrowd investment opportunities across a spectrum of today’s most dynamic growth industries, including healthcare technology, transportation, agriculture, communication, enterprise, robotics and AI.

The original OC50 Series I Fund launched in 2017. Through the first three series of the fund, investors have benefited from companies entering the public equity markets – such as food company Beyond Meat and insurance provider Lemonade — or being acquired by companies like Vimeo, H&R Block, Uber, and NetApp.

OurCrowd operates in Canada through OurCrowd Canada Inc., an exempt market dealer registered in the Provinces of Ontario, British Colombia, Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec and Nova Scotia.



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