iUNU Raises $7M in Series A Financing


iUNU, a Seattle, WA-based industrial computer vision company providing precision agriculture solutions to indoor growers, raised $7m in Series A financing.

The round was led by S2G Ventures and Ceres Partners. In conjunction with the funding, Cristina Rohr, Principal at S2G Ventures, will join the Board of Directors at iUNU, Andrew Howell, Vice President at Ceres Partners, will become a Board Observer.

Founded in 2013 by Adam Greenberg, CEO, iUNU is an industrial computer vision company. Connecting plants, facilities, and people through a single interface, the company’s LUNA platform turns commercial greenhouses into precise, predictable, demand-based manufacturers.

The platform delivers a system of mobile and fixed cameras with high definition imaging and environmental sensors that measure and record everything down to the real-time growth rate of each plant. The software combines computer vision and machine learning technologies to continuously build detailed models of individual plants, unique among millions, throughout the day. 

Luna detects even the most minute changes in health of individual plants, giving growers the precise knowledge they need for proactive management. It uses this insight to drive margin for growers through crop monitoring/forecasting, space utilization, and labor planning – while giving increased pricing leverage to the sales team.



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