BPEA Closes BPEA Strategic Healthcare Fund, at $352M


BPEA, a Boston, MA-based private equity firm, closed its BPEA Strategic Healthcare fund, at $352m.

Commitments came from 16 organized labor groups (“Taft-Hartley Investors”) and other institutional investors. BPEA SHC’s Taft-Hartley Investors include the UFCW & Employers Trust, LLC in Northern California, a Taft-Hartley fund with 130,000 health plan participants and an anchor investor in the Fund. Collectively BPEA’s Taft-Hartley Investors represent over 400,000 insured individuals and $1.7B in annual healthcare spend,

The fund – the fourth dedicated healthcare vehicle and tenth fund across the organization – will invest in healthcare services and healthcare information technology companies, including value-oriented primary and specialty care providers and solutions to lower healthcare costs for working families while expanding access to high-quality care.

The fund will invest both directly in US healthcare companies and in growth equity and buyout private equity funds that focus on healthcare.

Established in 2002 and led by Chris Austen, Managing Director, and Marcin Szajda, Director, BPEA is a private equity firm focused on small and lower middle market buyout and growth investing, and customized investment solutions to meet investors’ private equity goals. The firm offers dedicated small market buyout and growth investment programs as well as focused healthcare-only programs. To date, BPEA has made buyout and growth investments in over 90 funds and 135 companies.



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