Bloomberg Closes Acquisition of Second Measure

Bloomberg L.P. completed its acquisition of Second Measure, a consumer data analytics company that analyzes billions of anonymized purchases to help investors and businesses gain insight into company performance and consumer behavior. 

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

Bloomberg acquires Second Measure’s proprietary analytics for daily tracking and real-time exploration of thousands of public and private companies, providing users with insights that complement Bloomberg’s company fundamentals and market data.

Co-founded by Mike Babineau and Lillian Chou, Second Measure is a technology company and provider of data analytics that deliver valuable insights into company performance and consumer behavior. Using data from billions of anonymized transactions, the company has created self-service analytics products for daily tracking and real-time exploration of 5,200+ public and private companies. Clients use Second Measure to discover new markets, gain an advantage in financial investments, and inform their competitive strategies. A Y Combinator alumnus (YC2015), the company is based in the Bay Area with an office in New York. 

In addition to this acquisition, Bloomberg will continue to evaluate data partnerships and further developments to provide solutions for clients that are seeking increasing levels of sophistication in applying alternative data and analytics in fundamental, quantamental or fully quantitative research workflows.



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