Trailhead Biosystems Raises $6.6M in Series A Financing

Trailhead Biosystems Inc., a Cleveland, OH-based biotechnology company pioneering the application of machine-enabled science towards understanding and controlling biology, raised $6.6m in Series A financing. 

Financing will expand the company’s High Dimensional Design of Experiments platform (HD-DoE), support the generation of multiple specialized human cells with therapeutic properties and their pilot scale manufacturing.

Led by Jan Jensen, PhD, Chief Executive Officer and founder, Trailhead Biosystems has developed a proprietary platform to perform systems-level interrogation of complex biological problems, ranging from the generation of industrially-scalable manufacturing conditions for specialized human cells to combinatorial drug discovery in cancer and anti-viral therapies. Trailhead robotically conducts the largest dimensioned experiments in biology, using machine learning to discover critical process parameters and combinatorial inputs that explain biological responses. 

The company aims to develop the capability of creating specialized human cell types at high purity for regenerative medicine and therapeutic purposes at an industrial scale, thereby addressing current industry needs for highly specialized cells used in drug discovery and modeling of human diseases. Through strategic partnerships, the cells provided by the company will be used to address multiple areas of clinical need.  The company currently develops products that target type I diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and blood disorders, among others.



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