Provizio Raises $6.2M in Funding

Provizio, an Ireland-based Accident Prevention Technology company, raised 6.2m in funding.

Backers included Bobby Hambrick, the founder of Autonomous Stuff and the founders of Movidius (the Intel acquired leader in mobile vision processor chip design) along with the European Innovation Council (EIC) and ACT Venture Capital, Involved in Provizio also are Dr. Scott Thayer and Prof Jeff Mishler formerly of Carnegie Mellon robotics, which holds roots in all major autonomous efforts, Google/Waymo, Argo, Aurora and Uber.

The company intends to use the funds to continue to expand operations and its business reach.

Founded by Barry Lunn, Provizio is using AI to provide a five-dimensional sensory platform that perceives, predicts and prevents car accidents in real time and beyond the line-of-sight. 
The platform combines proprietary vision sensors and machine learning to see further, wider and through obstacles, detecting danger in all-weather conditions and applying predictive analytics in real-time to augment driver behavior and prevent accidents.



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