Orange Invests €200M in LBO France’s Digital Health 2 Fund


Through its Orange Digital Investment holding, Orange Group (Euronext Paris: ORA – New York Stock Exchange: ORAN) has decided to invest in the Digital Health 2 (DH2) fund of LBO France, a major private equity firm in France.

The DH2 fund plans to invest €200m in e-health SMEs, such as QuantifiCare, Tribvn Healthcare, FeetMe and Meditect, dedicated to B2B in the growth phase in France and Western Europe.

Orange is providing additional resources to DH2 with a view to develop innovative e-health companies in France and Europe.

This initiative will have a positive impact both for the companies selected by the DH2 fund management team and for the entire e-health ecosystem. This will enable for both holding companies and investors alike:
– the development of more operational synergies in pursuit of innovation,
– an active contribution to the development of an area of excellence in the e-health field and the strengthening of Orange’s strategic positioning in this regard.

LBO France is an independent private equity firm with €6.2bn of commitments, which has been supporting French and Italian companies in their growth for more than 30 years. Its investment strategy is built on 4 distinct segments managed by dedicated teams:

(i) Mid Cap Buyout through the White Knight funds and Small Cap Buyout through the Hexagone/Small Caps Opportunities funds,

(ii) Venture Capital through the SISA/Digital Health funds,

(iii) Real Estate through the White Stone and Lapillus funds,

(iv) Debt.

Historically focused on Institutional and Family Office investors, LBO France has recently launched the FCPR White Caps Selection, a private equity fund accessible to individuals through multi-strategy funds. LBO France is 100% owned by its management and employs nearly 60 professionals.



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