Lunewave Raises $7M in Series A Funding


Lunewave, a Tucson, AZ-based maker of proprietary Luneburg lens antenna and radar, raised $7M in Series A funding.

The round was led by FM Capital with participation from Baidu, Proeza Ventures, Intact Ventures, Blue 9 Capital, Tsingyuan Ventures and others. In addition to the funding, auto industry veterans Peter Schwarzenbacher (BMW) and James Zizelman (Stoneridge, Aptiv) joined Lunewave Board of Directors.

Led by John Xin, co-founder and CEO, Lunewave is a manufacturer of specialized, 3D-printed Luneburg lens antennae and radar.

The 3D printed Luneburg lens, now its third version in less than three years, offers broad bandwidth, high gain and capability of forming multiple high-quality beams in all directions. Lunewave radar offers a 180-degree field of view in the azimuth (horizontal) plane and can detect objects surrounding a car, even at long range and in poor weather, capabilities that are normally only achievable with multiple sensors.

The company is also funded through National Science Foundation grants.



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