Life Insurance: Get Your License And Start Your Career

Life insurance

One of the biggest questions for people interested in being an Insurance Agent is obtaining their state-approved Life insurance license PA to later start their career as an Insurance Agent.

It is why, in this article, we share a quick guide so that you know step by step. However, you can select any online courses to become a certified and licensed life insurance agent.

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  • Pennsylvania life and health and accident insurance pre-license course,
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  • Pennsylvania life insurance pre-license training.

The process is straightforward. Just complete an approved pre-licensing course, register for the official licensing exam, pass the exam, fill out the online form including your fingerprints, and download your license, once approved.

Find out about the race

It would be best if you informed yourself as much as you can about your career. You can meet an acquaintance who knows about the subject or investigate on the internet in the insurance companies’ portals. It is essential that before going to the Insurer, you explore the aspects of the job that could interest you the most –

  • How is the income of the insurance agent?
  • How much are you going to earn, how the compensation scheme, etc. is?
  • What are the requirements,
  • How long will the insurance agent training take?
  • The flexibility of schedules that you can have and how much time you should allocate,
  • Know how to build a customer base and how to start prospecting,
  • Know the types of insurance that exist and which are the leading insurers.

Attend training to pass the exam

It is essential to attend the preparatory course in which you will prepare with the necessary knowledge to pass all the modules that you will see in the exam to be an Insurance Agent and later obtain your identity card from the state-approved department. One can prepare for it in many ways.

Take the course online: If the transfer impedes financial reasons or time, you can take the course online. Prepare with an independent trainer: Some independent trainers are dedicated to preparing people to pass the exam. In the case of face-to-face and virtual systems, these have a duration of certain hours that must be fulfilled. Later they will provide you with the date of your exam.

Take the exam to obtain your professional license

The exam is presented at the facilities of the training center. The result is given to you the same day or another when you finish the exam, and they tell you which modules you passed and which you did not. If you fail one or more modules, you can resubmit them by paying the amount corresponding to each module as many times as necessary until you pass them all. Once you have passed the exam, you must deliver the paperwork to ask you to issue the ID.

Go to the Insurer of your choice

Once you have already informed yourself about the most critical aspects of the career and are convinced that it is an option for you, it is time to join your choice’s corporate brand. Each Insurer has its recruitment and selection procedure, which may consist of 2 or 3 selection interviews. The First Interview to review the candidate’s general data (age, studies, curriculum, etc.) and give you a check-list with the documents that you will have to collect for the recruitment process. The Second Interview to delve into the candidate’s interests and goals and analyze their profile and abilities. The Third Interview to present the job offer and the plans with which the insurer will work.

Join the insurance company

Once you have the identity card that accredits you as an insurance agent, go to the insurer you chose at the beginning by presenting the requested documentation with your professional card so that they can register your agent code in their system. With this key, you will receive your commissions, and you can enter your production.

Start building your contact database to start selling. The insurer will train you with the technical knowledge of the product that you will sell and provide you with the necessary tools of the sale process to prepare to start selling. You’ve made it. From now on, it’s all about constant effort and perseverance to go as far as you want and make all your goals come true.


You can certainly ask why it is essential to have a state-approved license to become an insurance agent. People will indeed select the one with state-approved support because no one will entertain an agent who has no right, as he/she could be a scammer. Who will take the risk? A license will undoubtedly bring trust, and above all, it is a requirement by the government.

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