Vya Buys Direct Options


Vya, a Cincinnati, OH-based provider of simplified marketing execution for distributed organizations, acquired Direct Options, a customer data and analytics firm.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

This acquisition expands Vya’s marketing resource management solution set with the addition of marketing data management and analysis, and provides opportunities to introduce Direct Options’ capabilities to new industry segments.

Vya and Direct Options are working to integrate their offerings into simplified and actionable data-driven marketing solutions. Direct Options will operate as a division of Vya.

Led by Jay Brokamp, CEO, Vya offers businesses a full range of integrated marketing resource management tools for customers to customize, localize and manage their marketing, messaging and materials for more relevance and impact.

Led by Founder and CEO Jan Moore, Direct Options is a full-service analytics, marketing and consulting agency with a focus on customer intelligence. As a division of Vya, the organization provides a full suite of actionable, data-driven marketing solutions.



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