Lattice Receives Investment from Digital Asset Firms


Lattice Exchange, a San Francisco, CA-based decentralized platform that aims to advance digital-asset trading, received an investment from digital-asset market firms.

The round was led by GSR.

The company intends to use the funds to achieve its product strategy for 2021. GSR will aid Lattice Exchange in the development of algorithmic trading capabilities and the launch of its exchange.

Led by Ben Jorgensen and Mathias Goldman, Lattice has evolved in parallel to the emergence of the $10B+ decentralized finance (DeFi), which has seen exponential growth since the start of 2020. LTX aims to avert the cost, speed, scaling and data processing issues associated with DeFi exchanges and applications on base layer protocols (such as Ethereum).

After launching its MVP in late 2020, Lattice will port its solution on Constellation’s Hypergraph network, which enables a secure and structured way to trade.

Constellation Network is a decentralized network and ecosystem that enables secure communications between big data infrastructure and interoperability between blockchains. Using their distributed network, called Hypergraph, Constellation enables scalable solutions for enterprises and the US federal government, to improve data integrity and data assurance. The company utilizes a decentralized directed acyclic graph (DAG) network, and mathematical proofs to organize the network for speed, security.



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