A2 Biotherapeutics Closes $71.5M Series B Funding

A2 Biotherapeutics

A2 Biotherapeutics, a Agoura Hills, Calif.-based biotechnology company developing innovative cell therapies for solid tumor cancer patients, closed its $71.5M Series B financing. 

Investors in the Series B include The Column Group, Vida Ventures, Samsara BioCapital, Nextech Invest, Casdin Capital, Euclidean Capital, UC Investments (Office of the Chief Investment Officer of the Regents) and Hartford HealthCare Endowment.

The company intends to use the proceeds for the advancement of its Tmod (T-cell module) platform and the clinical development and in-house manufacturing of its three near-term product candidates.

Established in 2018 and led by Scott Foraker, president and chief executive officer, and Alexander Kamb, co-founder and chief scientific officer, A2 Biotherapeutics is a fully integrated discovery, development and manufacturing organization which is using its cell therapy Tmod platform for the treatment of solid tumor cancers. The company engineers T cells that target the loss of genetic material in tumors, enabling the selective killing of tumor cells while leaving normal cells unharmed.

A2 Biotherapeutics, which has more than 40 staff located in Agoura Hills, has raised $136M since inception.



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