Vaiot Secures €5M in Seed Funding and VAI Tokens


VAIOT, a Valletta, Malta-based developer of AI-powered digital services for businesses and consumers, secured €5m in seed funding and a private sale of its VAI Tokens.

Led by Christoph Surgowt, CEO, VAIOT aims to digitize business processes by combining blockchain technology with Artificial Intelligence (AI). The company develops purpose-built  Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA) that allow companies to move processes to AI-powered channels, as well as VAIOT-labeled intelligent virtual assistants delivered directly to consumers.  

Its first assistant will service the car insurance industry and is projected to be presented by Q3 2020, but the company aims to expand its technology into the broader market. The solution is built to be customized and adjusted to suit almost any industry and a wide set of business processes.

VAIOT also plans to take the concept of a smart personal assistant and combine it with the skillset and knowledge possessed by lawyers. It aims to build an AI legal assistant for consumers and enterprises, providing legal services, including digital, blockchain-based contracts. 



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