Restorative Neurotechnologies Closes €1M Funding Round


Restorative Neurotechnologies, an Italian startup focusing on the development of medical devices and innovative solutions for rehabilitation and cognitive enhancement, closed a funding round of €1M.

Backers included CDP Venture Capital SGR, IAG Members, SocialFare Seed and other private investors.

The company intends to use the funds to continue investing in research projects, collecting further scientific evidence and, at the same time, expanding the commercial skills for corporate scale-up.

A spin-off of Palermo University, incubated by Consortium Arca and subsequently accelerated by SocialFare | Center for Social Innovation through the program FOUNDAMENTA, and founded by Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience Massimiliano Oliveri, Restorative Neurotechnologies aims to develop and commercialize, on both the Italian and the International market, new telemedicine solutions to facilitate the de-hospitalization of patients with neurological diseases.

The team includes Gabriele Chiaramonte, Rosario Emanuele Bonaventura, Agnese Di Garbo, Augusto Cammarota, Andrea Balestra and Sergio Maria Bianchi.

Restorative was the winner of EIT Health Headstart 2019 thanks to design and development of Mindlenses Professional: an integrated device composed by a wearable device- glasses with prismatic lenses- which affects brain activity, enhancing cognitive functions such as attention, memory and language. The functioning of Mindlenses Professional is based on non-invasive neuromodulation, which allows for selective stimulation of areas of the brain without direct contact with it, or the application of electric currents and magnetic fields. In fact, prismatic lenses allow, through the controlled field of vision deviation, to select the cerebral hemisphere that will be the subject of non-invasive brain stimulation, increasing the cortical excitability of a hypoactive hemisphere or attenuating the activity of a hyperactive hemisphere, allowing various possibilities of clinical-therapeutic intervention. Focus of the project is the neurorehabilitation of diseases such as stroke, neurodegenerative diseases (i.e. Alzheimer) and neurodevelopmental diseases (i.e. DSA, ADHD).



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