MadaLuxe Group Launches Investment Arm

MadaLuxe Group, a Seal Beach, CA and NYC-based distributor of luxury fashion, launched an investment arm led by the group’s co-founder, Sandy Sholl.


The new division, called SLS Journey, will focus on high-potential emerging companies at the intersection of wellness, beauty, fashion and technology that align with the company’s vision in the luxury sector.

SLS Journey’s initial investment is in PSYKHE, an e-commerce platform that uses AI to make product recommendations based on a consumer’s personality profile. Founded by Anabel Maldonado, who has a background in both fashion and neuropsychology, PSYKHE’s patent-pending technology enables consumers to shop by personality, determined by their scores on the Big Five personality test.

Since 2010, MadaLuxe Group specializes in the distribution of handbags, eyewear, clothing, footwear, timepieces and more from Europe’s iconic maisons. The family-owned company distributes to the world’s most prestigious retailers and through MadaLuxe Vault, its own direct-to-consumer retail destination.



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