ImmVira Group Company Raises US$10M in Strategic Series B Plus Financing


ImmVira Group Company, a Chinese biotechnology company focused on the development of new generation oncolytic viruses as potential cancer therapeutics, signed US$10m Series B Plus strategic financing.

This round of financing will be exclusively funded by Shanghai Healthcare Capital, managed by SIIC Capital, where Shanghai Pharma is one of the founding strategic cornerstone LPs.

In August 2020, ImmVira and Shanghai Pharma announced a clinical collaboration and exclusive license agreement for ImmVira’s MVR-T3011 intratumoral oncolytic virus program for the commercialization of novel immunotherapies to treat solid malignant tumors.

Grace Zhou, Chairman and CEO, ImmVira is a biotechnology company focused on the development of oncolytic viruses as potential cancer therapeutics, which improves the replicating ability of the virus and further improves the oncolytic activity of the virus and promotes the immune response.

The company currently has five developmental product lines, covering most tumors. They are:

1) Intratumoral injection of oHSV MVR-T3011, mono-therapy or combined of treatment with other oncology medications of various tumors which launched clinical studies in Australia, China and the United States simultaneously;

2) Intravenous oHSV for extensive metastatic tumors;

3) oHSV for malignant brain tumors;

4) oHSV for oncolytic virus resistant tumors;

5) Targeted oHSV for hematological malignancies.



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