Crista Galli Ventures Launches Evergreen Fund Focused on Healthtech

Dr. Fiona Pathiraja
Dr. Fiona Pathiraja

Dr. Fiona Pathiraja has launched Crista Galli Ventures (CGV), an early-stage healthtech evergreen fund that offers patient capital and deep healthcare expertise.

The only LP in the fund is the Danish family office IPQ Capital.

The firm will invest at Seed and Series A in pan-European healthtech startups, focusing on deep tech, digital health and personalised healthcare. It will not invest in biotechnology, drug discovery, devices, especially when they are non-software enabled.

The firm has also launched Crista Galli LABS, a separate investing strand aimed at redressing the diversity imbalance in healthtech.

CGV has a pan-European network, with offices in London and Copenhagen, and has invested in 15 companies, including:

Skin Analytics (London, UK, and Australia). Using AI to improve diagnosis of skin cancer

Quibim (Valencia, Spain) – Using AI in the field of Radiomics, to read medical images for disease-specific biomarkers, enabling early detection of diseases such as COVID-19

Contextflow (Vienna, Austria) – Using AI to improve radiology workflow, helping radiologists to work more efficiently

Cydar Medical (Cambridge, UK) – Using AI to create a satellite navigation system for vascular surgical procedures

Smart Reporting (Munich, Germany) – Using AI to create state-of-the-art structured reports to make the work of the radiologist and the pathologist more efficient and data-driven

Gleamer (Paris, France) – Using AI to improve radiological diagnosis of musculoskeletal conditions

Ampersand Health (London, UK) – Digital therapies for patients with inflammatory conditions such as Crohns disease

LiveSmart (London, UK) – Using a technology platform to deliver workplace physical and mental health solutions

Machine Medicine (London, UK) – Using computer vision to improve motor assessment in neurology – Parkinson’s disease, for example

Cerebriu (Copenhagen, Denmark) – Using AI to improve quality and acquisition of images in neuroimaging, thus saving precious time in hospital care

Collective Minds Radiology (Täby, Sweden) – Developing an international ed-tech platform for radiologists to share cases

Crista Galli LABS has invested in:

Arthronica (London, UK) Using computer vision to improve care of those suffering with rheumatoid arthritis

Juno Bio (London, UK and USA) Decoding the vaginal microbiome to help women’s health

Pear Bio (London, UK) – Using technology to evaluate drug efficacy via an organ-on-a-chip

Virtue Health (London, UK) – Using computer vision in motor assessment to provide corporate occupational health solutions and improve physiotherapy in elite sports

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