CH4 Global Raises $3M in Seed Funding

CH4 Global, a San Francisco, CA-based aquaculture startup, closed a $3m seed funding round.

Backers included family offices and private investors from around the world and government innovation groups, including the New Zealand Provisional Growth Fund, South Australian Research & Development Institute, the Australian Fisheries Research Development Corporation, and the South Australian Landing Pad.

Founded 18 months ago by an international team of senior scientists, proven technology entrepreneurs, and business executives from Australia, New Zealand, and the US, CH4 Global is scaling the aquaculture and processing of a specific species of red seaweed – Asparagopsis armata – as a livestock supplement solution to reduce ruminant methane emissions by up to 90%.

The company’s initial focus is on addressing the market for dairy and beef cattle in Australia, New Zealand, and California which is expected to exceed $10 billion by 2030, according to agricultural industry sources.

CH4 Global’s board and their executive positions are:

  • Steve Meller, President & CEO
  • Nick Gerritsen, COO
  • Guy Royal, Chief Legal Counsel
  • Larry Howell, Chairman of the Board



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