AnyVision Raises $43M in Funding


AnyVision, a NYC-based provider of AI-enabled visual intelligence software, raised $43m in funding.

The backers were not disclosed.

The company intends to use the funds to scale its Touchless Access Control and Remote Authentication products.

Led by CEO Eylon Etshtein and Chief Operating Officer Alex Zilberman , AnyVision has deveoped AI-driven computer vision to improve customer experience while enhancing safety. Its recognition technology is built into touchless access control, automated watchlist alerting and remote authentication capabilities that perform with accuracy, speed and efficiency in the most challenging conditions.

AnyVision’s touchless access control capability utilizes facial recognition to identify people as they approach a physical point of entry. The system initiates the authentication process when the individual is three meters away from the door in question. That door opens as soon as that person’s identity is verified, allowing them to enter a space without slowing down or interacting with doorknobs, terminals, or other shared touchpoints. The Touchless Access Control is used across all verticals within organizations that host large numbers of people in shared spaces, such as corporate real estate, banking and financial services, manufacturing, and hospitality.

The remote authentication capability leverages the same AI platform through a mobile SDK to authenticate users who are accessing a service from a personal device. The technology compares an individual’s face from the device camera to an official ID to verify a match while multiple neural networks check a comprehensive set of parameters against a live selfie video to ensure a person is live and not a print or digital image, or screen replay. Many organizations that provide secure services on personal devices have already deployed Remote Authentication, and the company reports demand for its software to onboard and authenticate new and returning users of banking, travel, healthcare and online gaming services in particular.



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