Why Businesses Should Migrate to QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud?

Do you have a lot of financial data to protect? Do you need multiple uses to access your QuickBooks Desktop accounting software? Do many of your users work with Mac OS devices or Android mobile phones?

Hosted QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud solutions are the perfect answer to all your requirements. They are specifically designed for small and medium businesses that need a robust accounting solution to do their financial tasks. Regardless of where you are working from, you always have access to your financial data stored in QuickBooks. Let us look at the advantages of using QuickBooks cloud solutions.

Significant Security Improvement

You can choose to keep your QuickBooks Desktop within your office. But there is no way you can protect that data if your machine gets stolen or there is a break-in. You can also not do much if there is a ransomware attack or some other form of a virus. These are some reasons why SMBs move to the cloud. This way their financial data is protected in the third-party provider’s data centers that are generally much better protected. 

The advantage is that financial data never leaks. The data centers do not allow information to flow out without approval. Regardless of what device they are using, Apple, Android, or Windows, the data will never be stored on local devices. This way, even if the device is stolen, the data is not passed on into the wrong hands. So, you are protected from both natural disasters such as fire, floods, and so on, also man-made attacks such as virus attacks, machine damage, and backup failure. Even if the service provider’s data center fails, the data is typically automatically moved to another server through which you can access your QuickBooks data.

Improvement in Access

It is not sufficient that businesses get better security for accessing their financial data, there is an increasing need for mobility and better convenience. With affordable Azure Windows Virtual Desktop pricing, it is now possible to meet both these requirements. Hosted QuickBooks Desktop users can access their data from anywhere, at any time, using any device. This is typically backed by 24/7/365 phone, chat, and email support.

Similarly, it is possible for multiple users to access QuickBooks Desktop simultaneously. Each user can access the same company file at their convenience simultaneously with other users. 

Better Flexibility and Affordability

As we have already seen, you do not need special infrastructure to host your copy of QuickBooks Desktop that is available to you in the pay-as-you-go model. Besides, the service provider who is rendering hosting services could also provide tenant to tenant Office 365 migrationThis could be an important addition. QuickBooks itself is a limited tool beyond your accounting needs. You will also need to have other auxiliary functions to sustain your business. With Office 365 on the same virtual desktop as the one that hosts QuickBooks, you can send emails, type out letter templates, and maintain Excel data all in the same place.

Best of all, it is a completely managed service.

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