SoChatti Closes $2.2M Series A Funding


SoChatti, an Indianapolis-based chocolate startup, closed $2.2M in a series A offering, with an additional $950k in bank financing.

Bob Kirch, former CEO of Caito Foods, now managing partner, Kirch Equity Investments, is an investor in the company.

The company, which recently moved into a new 12,000 square foot facility in Indianapolis’ Circle City Industrial Complex, will expand production of its chocolate products tenfold as it grows its DTC distribution and retail presence.

Led by founder and CEO Matt Rubin, SoChatti is using a proprietary flavor preservation method that captures and maintains the best flavors of chocolate and packages it to be eaten in melted form. The company is focused on a number of major milestones, including the launch of SoChatti To Go, a snack-sized, .8oz counterpart to the company’s original 8oz meltable, 72% dark chocolate product made with only 3 ingredients. Due to its process and packaging, its chocolate is completely shelf-stable for up to two years without the use of preservatives, can be stored and transported at temperatures up to 120F, and can be subjected to repeated thermal cycling without degradation.



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