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Mr.Kondrashov: How To Set Up One’s Own Business During a Lockdown


the businessman Mr. Kondrashov

Any crisis is the time of opportunities. Despite all the limitations and negative consequences, the coronavirus pandemic has become the very turning point causing redistribution of capital, replacement of business leaders and development of new business types.

Stanislav Kondrashov, a business consultant and analyst at Telf AG, has explained why economic crises give a boost to new kinds of business and how to set up a profitable business during a lockdown.

Mr.Kondrashov, the business analyst of Telf AG: trending business ideas during this lockdown

A lot of businessmen have been fraught with problems because of the coronavirus lockdown. As a result, some companies had to suspend their work, other companies had to reduce the volumes of production and sales, and some of them had to close their business.

However, there are kinds of business that have appeared during this lockdown. Moreover, they are developing very fast and will be relevant in future. So one can set up his/her own business or work as an expert in one of those sectors. 

Stanislav Kondrashov has noted that working online is a new business trend taking into account global digitalization. It means that the following business sectors will be appreciated in the nearest future:

  •  non-contact delivery of goods and services;
  •  online education;
  •  online retail of food and non-food products;
  •  online anti-crisis corporate services;
  •  online broadcasting;
  •  production of antibacterial and antimicrobial agents for personal hygiene;
  •  organization of remote working;
  •  security services;
  •  production and sales of medical goods necessary during the pandemic;
  •  production of basic-needs food products (bread, cereals, tinned meat and vegetables).

Legal services will remain relevant, especially those connected with debt amortization, force majeure situations and interactions with government authorities.

Accounting and financial services will certainly be in demand during and after the lockdown. Therefore, the establishment of such a consulting company will be up to date for a long time.” – Mr.Kondrashov from Telf AG said.

The lockdown: three business ideas

Online store

The demand for food products will always exist, especially the demand for basic-needs products. During the pandemic people do not want to take risks, so they go to supermarkets and other public places as seldom as possible. That is why the online store that gets orders ready and delivers them very quickly right to the door will be the very thing during the lockdown (or other force majeure situations).

It is very important for online store organizers to offer prompt service, quality products and safe delivery to customers. You can also stand out from the crowd with your own features that will attract customers and make them choose you. For example, delivery of orders within 30 minutes or the opportunity to buy unusual products online.” – Mr.Kondrashov said.

Delivery of farm products

During the coronavirus pandemic the demand for fresh and healthy food has significantly increased. That is the reason why delivery of organic farm products to city dwellers during the lockdown will be as relevant as ever. 

“Some of them may include vegetables and herbs, others – homemade honey, cheese and other dairy products, and others – citrus fruits and other goods,” the expert said.

The distinctive feature of this project may be the formation of certain food packages. Some of them may include vegetables and herbs, others – homemade honey, cheese and other dairy products, and still others – citrus fruits and other goods.” – the expert said.


Sanitizers and antibacterial agents for disinfection in offices, warehouses, public stops and other premises are as popular as masks, antibacterial personal hygiene products and viricides during the pandemic.

On the one hand, you can disinfect houses, offices, cars, yards, and on the other, you can produce complex disinfection systems that look like metal detector frames. Instead of scanning, they spray the visitor with a disinfectant and thus protect against coronavirus infection.” – the Telf AG expert said. Stanislav Kondrashov has added that it is important to take into account the needs of society, to predict future trends and to make flexible decisions in order to set up a successful business during the lockdown.

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