How Philip Rodrigs’ Raynar Portfolio Management Adapted to COVID-19


As the company’s chief executive and major shareholder, Philip Rodrigs acknowledges that beginning the Raynar Portfolio Management investment firm with two projects in the middle of a pandemic and consequential global recession is less than ideal.

Fortunately, Rodrigs’ flexible leadership style helps Raynar Portfolio Management thrive during trying times. The company embraces remote work policies and uses this decentralisation to its advantage when communicating with clients. The decision to invest in companies whose functions simplify life during COVID-19 also contributes to RPM’s successful launch. These investments, coupled with Rodrigs’ leadership, have established Raynar Portfolio Management as a force to be reckoned with in the U.K. markets.

How Remote Work Helps Rodrigs Expect the Unexpected

Philip Rodrigs launched Raynar Portfolio Management in January of this year. The organisation operates with two distinct strategies: Raynar Enhanced and Raynar Flagship. Raynar’s Enhanced framework seeks to optimize client opportunities across all types of asset class. Raynar Flagship, on the other hand, is specifically available to professional investors looking to invest in U.K. equities for the significant majority of a stock market life cycle. Flagship draws on Rodrigs’ specialist experience of investing in the smallest listed firms on the UK markets.

It is never preferential to begin a business endeavor during a global economic downturn, let alone a pandemic. Rodrigs’ flexible leadership demonstrates that he skillfully expected the unexpected by establishing a forward-thinking, client-oriented remote work approach. This policy is essential in helping RPM adapt to COVID-19. For example, Rodrigs uses his firm’s work-from-home policy to schedule more flexible client-facing meetings. He points out that clients typically “set aside a few days a year to meet with investors, and you have to grab a slot then.” The pandemic suspended this norm, but working from home made it much easier to find the time. That ability to make the best of an unforeseen event highlights RPM’s anticipated durability in investment management.

Co-Opting Expertise During the COVID-19 Economy

Rodrigs’ investing expertise lies in smaller sized firms. He designed the Raynar Flagship Strategy cognizant of managing liquidity. In this economy, the ability to keep a close tab on the pulse of the markets when creating an effective investment strategy is a more valuable skill than ever before. Rodrigs demonstrates that talent with Flagship’s framework. It is built with the flexibility to reduce exposure to equities in favor of other assets. This flexibility aims to preserve capital in unfavorable investment conditions while also focusing on investments whose functions are compatible with the current state of the economy.

As the world navigates its most severe economic decline since the 2008 Great Recession, some may avoid investing due to market volatility. Rodrigs keeps that volatility at the forefront of his investment firm, not as a deterrent but as an opportunity. The firm works under the notion that market volatility creates a chance to identify attractive investments that may have become mis-priced or might have otherwise flown under the radar. These attractive investment opportunities include companies where COVID-19 is creating significant lasting changes that positively impact the future of their business.

Among these attractive investment opportunities are the video conferencing software LoopUp and satellite broadband provider BigBlu Broadband. These stocks were expected to increase in demand from the COVID-19 pandemic due to an uptick in the number of employees participating in remote work. Since COVID’s impact on business development requires more wireless compatibility, both businesses represented a skillful opportunity for Rodrigs’ firm. Ultimately, the decision to incorporate COVID-19 beneficiaries into its business model speaks to the firm’s ability to identify attractive investments during uncertain times.

About Philip Rodrigs

With 18 years of professional experience in investing, Rodrigs’ investment background demonstrates the potential to turn your passion into a career. He first began investing in 2000 with initial capital from a family gift. From there, he competed in investing competitions for two years. Those competitions eventually led him to Invesco Perpetual, where he worked as a trainee fund manager. Since then, his resume includes tenures at T. Rowe Price International and Investec Asset Management.

Today, he leads the firm he founded – Raynar Portfolio Management. The firm specializes in alternative investment funds and promises to search high and low for great investments. He presides over dedicated individuals committed to helping their clients achieve the best possible outcomes. His firm’s strategy includes the framework to withstand shocking global conditions.

“With a strategy carefully designed to accommodate challenging market conditions,” says Rodrigs, “we seek to deliver great client outcomes by focusing investment into unique firms that deliver for all stakeholders as they flourish.” This built-in, crisis-proof approach to investment demonstrates Rodrigs’ unique leadership abilities; his skill and experience in the U.K. equity market help him and his company thrive, regardless of the discouraging global climate.

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