ClearCam Closes $2.6M Seed Series 2 Funding

ClearCam Logo

ClearCam Inc., an Austin, Texas-based company dedicated to maximizing clinician vision and skill in the operating room, closed a $2.6M seed funding round.

The round was led by Frank Barbella, CEO of SOLv Risk Solutions.

Founded in 2018 by Dr. John Uecker, CEO, and Doug Stoakley, President and COO, ClearCam invented and is manufacturing the Kelling Device, a mechanical, disposable in-vivo laparoscopic lens cleaner that eliminates the need for clinicians to continually remove the scope from the patient’s body to clean it during surgery.  Kelling allows surgeons to maintain their visual field throughout the case thereby reducing frustration from interruptions. It received FDA clearance in February of 2020. 

While presently focused on launching Kelling into the market, the company is also developing their “Galaxie” solution to address the same issue of scope cleaning in the robotic surgery market. 



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