Tips To Boost Up Employee Productivity While Working From Home


In COVID-19, employees are forced to work from home. The experience of work from home is new for many, and they hadn’t faced the situation ever.

This sudden situation didn’t allow business leaders and managers to plan something fruitful. So, in this situation, keeping the productivity of employees high is a bull-headed task. Without any adequate supervision, an increase in the productivity of employees seems nearly impossible. However, you need not worry about it. We are here to disclose 7 tips to boost up employee productivity while working from home. So, never miss a single bit of the article and read carefully, if you want to be a successful business leader during the pandemic.

Define Prime Concerns

For small businesses, this ordeal isn’t less than a Tsunami in 2004. And a sincere employee can be the most important asset of your business.  If you’re also an owner of small business and want to increase the productivity of your employees during work from home, you need to focus on all the tasks which need to be done shortly.

So, please make a list of all the tasks and prioritize them according to the importance. Set small goals and get them achieved in a given timeline.

Communicate Frequently

There’s a communication gap between employee and business manager in COVID-19. Owing to this communication gap, the flow of information becomes too slow. And based on fewer data, employees are intended to draw their conclusion. So, it is crucial to provide all the essential and relevant information to your employee if you truly care about the productivity of your employees.

A well-informed employee is a well-performed employee, indeed. So, keep sharing information by communicating frequently. By doing so, you’ll observe a hike in the productivity of the employees.

Equip your employees with updated tools

Work remotely, like a freelancer, isn’t a kid-play for regular jobholders. Employees find different types of difficulties during work from home. For better communication, make sure the provision of a reliable chat application or software, so that employees can communicate without any delay if they’re facing any problem.

Aside from providing Chat and video call apps to your employees, there must be a task tracker app on the mobile phones of employees. By getting a task-tracking app installed, you can manage to maintain discipline in work. Dremployee provide some tools like timecard, paycheck and time duration calculators free of cost that employees can use. Moreover, it’ll help to supervise and coach the employees effectively.

Home-based office

The only problem an employee can face while working from home is concentration. Yah, working from home and keeping a focus on work are two anti-parallel factors that need to be brought parallel.

The only solution to get the focus increased by employees is to ask your employees to define a workplace at home; thereby, nobody can disturb him during working hours. The defined workplace can be a separate room, a rooftop, or a corner of a room. The only reason to do so is to increase the focus during work from home.

Increase trustworthiness

Create a trustful and faithful environment where employees are willing to work without strict supervision. This point isn’t only for home-based work; it’s also for your office environment. It has been commonly said that faith can move mountains. So, start keeping trust in your employees in the pandemic and assign responsibilities to all.

Having assigned responsibilities, don’t disturb them time and again by asking them task accomplishment. Once, you’ll be successful in making them realize your trust factor; you’ll observe a sizeable difference in the boosted productivity.

Take care of Health

There wouldn’t be two opinions about the direct relation between productivity and health as we know that everyone is passing through a hard time during the pandemic. So, stress and anxiety are prevalent nowadays.

Therefore, a business leader has to take care of employee’s health (primarily mental health). Don’t overburden an employee with the workload. If you’re going to overburden an employee, you’ll lose the quality of work and the employee will start to disengage from the work gradually.

So, maintain a balance to get quality work on time.

Be Friendly

According to studies, it has been observed that the friendly behavior of a boss can increase the productivity of employees by 30%. Employees can share their problems and hurdles in work frankly with an amicable business leader which enhances the trust factor between them. Moreover, amicable behavior tends to mitigate the stress level as well. Therefore, be friendly in the pandemic and increase productivity by decreasing stress and anxiety.

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