Popshop Raises $3M in Funding


Popshop Live, a Los Angeles, CA-based livestreaming shopping app at the intersection of social, e-commerce and entertainment, raised $3m in funding, bringing the total amount raised to $4.5m.

The round was led by Floodgate and Abstract Ventures, with participation from Long Journey Ventures, Cyan and Scott Banister, Shrug Capital, Backend Capital and Halogen Ventures.

The investment will go toward hiring, building new features, developing live content and onboarding new sellers in preparation for the company’s upcoming public launch.

Founded by Danielle Li, Popshop Live provides an app to inspire users to expand their identity, experience and community reach with all the tools needed to plan and execute a live show. With Popshop Live, sellers can create and host their own shopping channel on the platform and sell products of all kinds, from traditional products like skincare and fitness products to more niche items like vintage clothing, crystals, collectibles, slime and much more, directly to a national audience in real-time. From independently owned small businesses, to large multi-brand retailers and influencers, Popshop Live helps businesses of all sizes grow their revenue and reach providing tools such as real-time inventory management, gamified features and engaging show templates, real-time performance stats, detailed metrics reports, real-time analytical insights and support to navigate the new world of livestreaming retail. The app is currently invite only and available for iOS and web with plans to launch to the public this summer.



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