Offensive Security Acquires VulnHub

Offensive Security

Offensive Security, a NYC-based provider of online hands-on training and certification for information security professionals, acquired VulnHub, an open source security training resource hub.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

The acquisition is part of OffSec’s ongoing mission to provide practical training content to aspiring cybersecurity professionals. VulnHub is an open source, continually updated catalog of IT assets that are legally hackable, breakable, and exploitable by design. All content will remain available for free in keeping with OffSec’s commitment to open source. OffSec also provides several other open source tools designed to help security professionals gain hands-on experience, including Kali Linux, Exploit DB, and Metasploit unleashed.

Led by Ning Wang, CEO, Offensive Security is a provider of online penetration testing training and certification for information security professionals. Created by the community for the community, the company’s mix of practical, hands-on training and certification programs, virtual labs and open source projects provide practitioners with offensive skills required to advance their careers and protect their organizations. Offensive Security is committed to funding and growing Kali Linux, an operating system for penetration testing, ethical hacking and network security assessments.



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