7 Ways to Take Your Business Knowledge to the Next Level

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You’re naturally going to build your business knowledge with experience, but what if you want to shorten that learning curve and improve your business acumen that bit quicker?

If you’re actively engaged in the learning process, and take tangible steps to improve your knowledge, then you can build your business skills quicker and put yourself one step ahead of the competition. Here are some points to considerto help expand your business knowledge and take it to the next level:

Find a Mentor

Learning is always easier when you’ve got someone who has been there and done it before to help guide you through it. If you can find someone who is experienced and has had success in the areas of business you wish to be successful in, then you have the potential to learn a lot from them.

Finding a mentor isn’t easy though, and it’s not something you should force. You need to be able to click with your mentor and naturally form a good relationship. There are lots of gurus out there who don’t necessarily have your best interests at heart, so make sure you find a mentor with whom you can build a mutually beneficial relationship.

Take on Different Challenges

Your knowledge isn’t going to grow quickly if you don’t test yourself. You should never stop learning in your career, and this means you should never stop challenging yourself.

Find ways to take yourself out of your comfort zone, and really force yourself to get good at the things you’re not good at. Everybody enjoys practicing the things they’re good at, but when you turn your weaknesses into strengths, that’s when you can make a huge difference to your business acumen.

Sometimes you’ve just got to jump headfirst into a challenge and build the knowledge as you go.

Be Passionate About Your Industry

It’s so much easier to learn something when you’re passionate about it. Of course, you might not have a burning passion for your job, but you can find aspects of it that you’re enthusiastic and excited about.

When you’re truly passionate about parts of your work, then learning about them doesn’t feel like a job any more. If you love the industry you’re working in, then you will probably enjoy learning about it in your personal time as well, and learning becomes a constant pursuit.

There are lots of different ways you can spark a passion for what you’re doing, and if you really can’t find it, then perhaps you might want to start thinking about how you can follow your passions.

Keep Studying

The world of business is always changing, and there are always new things you can learn. A great way to take your knowledge to the next level is through a DBA degree – doctor of business administration.

These degrees are designed to give students the knowledge they need to succeed at the highest levels of the business world, and the connections you make can serve you throughout your career.

Building your skills should require a balance of knowledge-based and hands-on learning, and a DBA degree can provide you with the perfect blend.


There are successful business people all around you who can provide you with useful insights into a wide variety of industries. The more people you are exposed to, the more knowledge you will gain, and the more you can use it to drive your career forward.

When you’re good at networking, you can take the best knowledge from the best people and leave the information that’s not useful for you.

Watch the News

So much of the business world is informed by what’s going on in the real world and you can get a good feel for this just by following the news.

You don’t have to be obsessively following every breaking story, but if you can keep a good handle on world affairs, you will gain more knowledge you can use to further your career. It’s easy to get into the habit of reading the news in the morning and evening, and you never know when the information you learn might have an impact on your work.

Practice What You Learn

It’s no use having all this knowledge if you never put it into practice. It’s all well and good learning the theories of how to be the best salesman, or how to improve your customer experience, but if you never put the theories into practice then they’re not much use.

Sometimes the hard part isn’t learning the knowledge, it’s taking the leap to putting it into action, and you mustn’t be afraid to do this.

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