What is Auto Insurance and Why Do I Need it?

As a car owner, you are familiar with the fact that you should have auto insurance. But, many fail to understand the importance of it. Auto insurance will cover you in case of an accident. But, don’t forget the fact that it is mandatory according to law. There are a few aspects that you should consider regarding auto insurance. Read on and find out more!


What is Auto insurance

Auto insurance is a contract between you and the insurance company that guarantees compensation in a case of financial loss. Your insurance policy will cover physical damage or theft. Also, it will cover your responsibility for injuries. The driver has liability for passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers in the case of an accident.

Why do you need it?

There are many reasons why every driver should have auto insurance. If you fail to obtain your insurance policy, you can face expensive fines or lawsuits. If you want to get the best deal possible, see auto insurance quotes. Compare quotes from different companies to make sure that you don’t overpay.

Why do you need auto insurance? Here are the main reasons:

Avoid fines

Having auto insurance is regulated by law. Each state has minimum coverage that you must have. Otherwise, you can face expensive fines. Make sure that you check with the law regulations in your state to find out about the limits.

Financial security

If you are responsible for a car accident, you will have to cover the costs associated with it. This includes property damage, legal fees,  and injury costs as well. Since the sums can be pretty high, you need to get good liability coverage. Keep in mind that you will need coverage for your passengers as well in case of an accident.

Even if it wasn’t your fault, you will still have damage to repair. Your insurance will cover your passengers and your car in a case of an accident.

Financing a car

Your lender will require insurance if you finance your car. Also, this is the option for leasing. Keep in mind that you are not the legal owner of the car. The leasing agent or the lender is the legal owner in this case. And they will want their investment to be protected. They will require collision coverage from your side.

Covered repairs

Keep in mind that liability coverage will cover the damage done on other’s property. Collision coverage will cover the repair costs for your own vehicle, which is very important. Don’t forget that you should cover your car in the case of fire, storm, or damage from fallen objects.

Protect your assets

If you think deeper, car insurance will protect your assets. If you have money that you earned with hard work, then you will want to have it protected. If an accident is your fault, then you will have to pay compensation. When you have insurance, your company will pay for this and you won’t have to spend your hard-earned money.

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