How will AI Change the Future of UK iGaming Industry?

artificial intelligence

When we stop and consider the changes – the unstoppable progress – of advances in technology so far in the digital age, we realise just how remarkable and life-changing new technology can be. Of the many new advances, AI, VR and robot-technology are just a few of the digital spectacles penetrating a variety of industries. AI, in particular, is being featured increasingly in the online gaming realm. Click to discover an enticing world of online games at a leading UK casino.

What is AI?

AI is Artificial Intelligence; a vastly perceptive computer programme whose aim is to gather and analyse information in order to make decisions of its own. Modelled on human intelligence, AI adds data to its broad database and learns by the information collected. A common example is facial recognition; a security feature of many modern smartphones. AI is utilised for facial recognition as each time the feature is used, the programme becomes more efficient at recognising your facial features.

As part of the decision-making process, AI can learn to make changes based on possible outcomes; these are learned from high-level algorithms and combinations.

AI in Online Casinos

This decision-making ability, as you can imagine, has had a huge impact on the gaming industry. Altering the outcome of a computer sequence is something quite significant. Traditional computer games usually offered a player vs computer mode; fun, yet could be predictable and completely unvaried in terms of gameplay and outcome. AI brings unpredictability, excitement and diverse outcomes which are based on previous gameplay experiences. The experience for the player is therefore much more realistic and often akin to playing a human opponent.

For the industry so far, the greatest impact has been the Libratus programme for Poker. The programme has today been shown to have the ability to defeat even the world’s greatest Poker players. However, in its earlier days, in 2015, Libratus was included in a Poker tournament and struggled to defeat the human players. The programme now has improved solving strategies and is now much more successful in more recent tournaments. Libratus is a clear example of how AI software is becoming increasingly advanced, learning from absorbed information and behaving accordingly, much like human intelligence.

Online casinos are also using AI software to collect information and gaming experiences of their players. As a member is attracted to a specific range of games, modern sites are often able to offer a more tailored experience by ensuring the player is offered a range of games suited to their personal taste.

In the Future

AI has come so far already, the possibilities for the future are infinite. It has been said that the programme might even have the ability to develop video games, without any intervention from humans.

For online casinos, AI is becoming more effective at lessening cheating from players. They could become highly personalised in the future, run by AI completely.

Meanwhile, there is some concern about the roll out of AI. Will this highly advanced computer software bring about fairness and authenticity; or could it be used to create unfair advantages and manipulation? Only time will tell.

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