Basis Vectors Launches $50M Private Equity and Technology Fund

Basis Vectors, a Berkshire Hathaway-style alternative investment and technology firm, has launched with a $50m fund.

The new fund plans to acquire, transform and accelerate vertically-focused B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) companies.

Co-founded by Ambarish Gupta and Upmanyu Misra, who bring decades of broad industry, entrepreneurial and organizational expertise, Basis Vectors transforms high-potential yet undervalued SaaS companies that demonstrate potential for long-term growth and robust balance sheets. Investment activity is led by Cianna Capital, a private investment fund focused on new-age technology investments, with participation from the UHNW family offices of Rajesh Jain, founder of Netcore, Abhishek Goel and Tracxn.



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