Near Protocol Project Raises $21.6M in Funding


Near Protocol Project, a global project behind the NEAR Protocol, a decentralized application platform, completed a $21.6M funding round.

The round was led by Andreessen Horowitz’s crypto fund with participation from Pantera Capital, Electric Capital, Blockchange, Libertus Capital and Distributed Global.

The company also announced the early launch of their production MainNet network. The new funds will be used to drive a rollout strategy.

Led by Illia Polosukhin, Cofounder and CEO of Near Inc, NEAR is a decentralized application platform backed by a public blockchain which is optimized for programmability so developers can build, test and deploy applications which permissionlessly handle a wide range of digital assets. NEAR provides the scale and programmability to allow *any* data — whether digital currency, karma, gaming items or stock certificates — to become a fully portable, programmable and tradable asset. The resulting ecosystem of permissionlessly composable components, called the Open Web, allows the blockchain technology to finally realize its full potential to change the way the Web operates.



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