IntegriCulture Closes Series A Funding Round at JPY800M


IntegriCulture, Inc., a Tokyo, Japan-based agtech company, completed a Series A funding round of JPY800m (USD7.4m).

Backers included Beyond Next Ventures, NH Foods, Real Tech Fund, AgFunder, Mr. Naruhisa Nakagawa (Caygan Capital Ltd. CEO and CIO), Hiroshima Venture Capital, VU Venture Partners and other investors.

The cumulative amount raised stands about JPY1.1 billion (USD10.2m).

The company intends to use the funds for research and development of cell culture technology, investment in facilities and equipment, staffing and operational costs, latest developments and future milestones.

Founded in 2015 and led by CEO Yuki Hanyu, IntegriCulture offers cell-cultured meat, food, cosmetics and functional compounds produced by a general-purpose large-scale cell culture system. The “CulNet System” is a biotechnology platform capable of producing animal cell-based food and materials such as meat, leather and other products. By culturing target cells with growth factor source cells in connected bioreactors, the “CulNet System” emulates natural animal body endocrine systems to produce cultured serum. The cultured serum then efficiently and inexpensively cultures target cells without relying on immortalization or externally added foetal bovine serum or growth factors. The system in theory can culture any given animal cells and offers a wide range of applications in food, medical, biochemical and materials products.

IntegriCulture will demonstrate businesses based on the CulNet System and offers the technology to global clients as cellular agriculture infrastructure.



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