Qnergy Raises $10M in Series B Financing


Qnergy, an Ogden, Utah-based provider of solutions for methane emissions mitigation, raised $10M in Series B financing.

The round was led by OGCI Climate Investments, Tene Capital and Kibbutz EHI.

The company intends to use the funds to accelerate the deployment of its compressed air pneumatics product, CAP3.

Led by Dr. Ory Zik, CEO, Qnergy is a manufacturer of Stirling energy systems. Its compressed air pneumatics product, CAP3, couples remote power generators with air compressors to offer a low emission alternative to gas pneumatic devices currently used in upstream oil and gas. The Stirling generators are an enclosed system that requires no lubrication, maintenance or repair, delivering tens of thousands of hours of uninterrupted operation. The company provides remote power generators for the 500W-10,000W range.



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