N3twork Launches $50M Growth Fund; $1M Pilot Fund

N3twork, the San Francisco, CA-based mobile game maker, launched a $50m fund.

The Growth Fund for N3TWORK Scale Platform (NSP) will support third-party game maker in growing their businesses via user acquisition, engagement, and retention techniques.

The NSP growth fund will partner with 100 games over the next year, providing a partnership that scales. NSP is a suite of tools and services that programmatically builds ad creatives, constructs ad campaigns, automates the optimization of those campaigns, and generates meaningful user segmentation and behavioral insights for 3rd-party app developers.

The new vehicle comes along with the $1m Pilot Fund, which allows game developers who lack the funds or expertise to fully capture their app’s potential or whose costs of acquiring quality users is too high to support a substantial marketing budget.

The $1M Pilot Fund is a commitment from N3TWORK to spend $10,000 each for up to 100 partners in 2020, funding, without expectation of reimbursement, a substantial user acquisition test to assess whether a game can be scaled using NSP’s tools and expertise. The 4-week test program is designed to help the company understand how far a certain product can be scaled and whether it has the potential to be turned into a multi-million dollar venture.

This year, the company started to test-drive its Pilot Fund with ten games. Of those tests, 99Games’ Star Chef 2 enetered the Growth Fund as an official N3TWORK-published game.



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