Molecular Vista Received Equity Investment from Park Systems

Molecular Vista

Molecular Vista, a San Jose, CA-based producer of AFM tools to probe and understand matter at the molecular level through quantitative visualization using Infrared Photo-induced Force Microscopy (IR PiFM), received an equity investment from Park Systems Corp. a manufacturer of Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM).

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

Led by Sung Park, CEO, Molecular Vista develops and sells a specialized AFM instrument called VistaScope with Infrared Photo induced Force Microscopy (IR PiFM), which provides nanoscale imaging & spectroscopy. PiFM is a combination of AFM and IR spectroscopy in a single instrument that acquires both topography and chemical signatures at the nanometer scale and is universally applicable to a wide range of organic and inorganic materials. AFM provides nanoscale topographic images and various other measurements including mechanical, electrical, and other physical characteristics of a sample. Now, with the addition of PiFM technology, it can provide researchers with chemical and molecular composition information combined with the nano physical data.



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