Calviri Closes $2.25M Seed Funding Round


Calviri, Inc., a Tempe, Ariz.-based biotech startup spun out of Arizona State University Biodesign Institute focused on cancer, closed a $2.25m seed funding round.

Backers included private investors including Dr. Jacque Sokolov, a Calviri Board member, and Dr. Mitzi Krockover.

The company intends to use the funds to demonstrate the strengths of its technology.

Founded based on the discovery that tumors make frequent and recurrent errors in RNA transcription and processing that create highly immunogenic frameshift peptides (FSPs), Calviri has developed a manufacturing process that displays >400,000 FSPs on microchips. This enables patients’ blood to be simply screened for anti-FSP antibodies. This process is the basis for the design of off-the-shelf vaccines for any cancer, as well as diagnostics for the early detection of any cancer.

Led by Stephen Albert Johnston, CEO and founder, the company holds exclusive rights, licensed from Skysong, to the diagnostic technology developed by the Biodesign Center at ASU.



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