ZBiotics Raises $2.3M in Seed Funding

ZBiotics, a San Francisco, Calif.-based maker of genetically engineered probiotics, raised $2.3M in seed funding.

The round, which brought total funding to date to $5.7M, was led by Oyster Ventures.

The company intends to use the funds to accelerate product development including developing new probiotic solutions, hiring new executives and driving sales growth.

Led by Zack Abbott, PhD and CEO, ZBiotics leverages probiotics and genetic engineering to deliver new biological functions to the body. The company’s first product is a probiotic that mimics the function of the liver, but does this in the gut where the toxic byproducts of alcohol tend to form. Beyond alcohol, ZBiotics is working on other engineered probiotics that will give the body new biological functions: everything from helping the body resist environmental toxins and infection (e.g., lead-contaminated water, radiation) to producing useful and health-promoting nutrients (e.g., fiber, high-quality protein).



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