YGC Launches Startup Studio


YGC launched two ventures with enterprises in the transportation and energy industries, partnering with their innovation teams to build industrial grade products.

YGC officially launched startup studio in Austin to solve industry challenges for Fortune 500 enterprises in energy, transportation, logistics and healthcare.

Emerging from executive summits drawing leadership from Oracle, Ascension, Exxon, Walmart, IBM, BP, and Shell, YGC’s first venture is enabling secure workforce verification within the oil and gas services industry.

YGC also has a commercial contract with a major automotive brand, delivering an assistive voice-enabled software to speed up technician repair and training.

Founded by Gavin Gillas (Partner, CEO) and Henry Liu (Partner, COO) in 2019 in Austin, Texas, YGC debuted their new web presence at YGCdata.com, establishing a commitment to solving enterprise data challenges. As a startup studio, YGC discovers industry challenges with enterprise leaders, launches dedicated startups to tackle their complex problems, and grows these solution focused businesses to scale.



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