Vistavenus Raises £200K in First Angel Funding Round

Vistavenus, a Manchester, UK-based entertainment brand, raised £200k in its first angel funding round.

Backers included David Walter.

The investment gave Vistavenus a pre-market valuation of over £4m.

Led by Mark (Sparky) Wools, founder and creative director, and Phil McClennon, Director, Vistavenus is creating an alternative universe which combines fictional characters and storylines with a range of entertainment mediums, to articulate life’s ups and downs. The pre-mapped ‘VVorld’ already has 200 characters with ready-made assets, designs, bios, series and feature film scripts, mobile and console gaming strategies as well as an end-to-end supply chain for collectibles and eCommerce. The company intends to use the funds for market validation. It is also launching a new round to fund the full commercialisation of the business.



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