Tech Coast Angels Orange County Launches Inaugural Startup Fund

Tech Coast Angels Orange County

Tech Coast Angels Orange County (TCA OC) launched its inaugural annual fund, TCA OC Fund 20.

The fund has been created to provide an additional source of capital for entrepreneurs and a new opportunity for angel investors.

Led by Chair Jim Pickell, the vehicle is being deployed this month and provide 10 to 15 innovative, early-stage, companies with startup capital during 2020. The fund will be replenished each year, and is expected to result in 100 to 150 investments, with over $25 million invested over the next decade. While the vehicle will be “regionally opportunistic,” investments outside of California that have significant potential for growth will be considered.

Tech Coast Angels Orange County is one of the largest and most active angel investor networks and a source of funding for seed-stage and early-stage companies across all industries. TCA members are accredited investors who individually invest in startup companies.

Founded in 1997, TCA has invested over $230 million in more than 400 companies and has helped attract more than $1.6 billion in additional capital/follow-on rounds, mostly from venture capital firms.



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