How to Increase Your Daily Productivity Without Sacrificing Quality


People nowadays are focusing way too much on getting things done. Quantity has become the meter stick for success in today’s business landscape, so much so that companies are looking for ways to increase the workload of their employees.

But should the amount of hours you put in or the number of tasks you finish in a single day contribute to real-world success?

In an article on Business2Community, quality is an important factor in the area of content marketing where the goal is to engage as many people as possible. Indeed, there’s nothing profound in letting writers draft a nauseating amount of copy when the content itself isn’t worth a second look!

Quality really does trump quantity—at least in some respects. For sure, it’s still possible to get a lot done without pulling quality down. Let’s take a look at a few important tips that should help you work faster and better!

Make life easier with apps

It’s 2020 and you should be maximizing your use of productivity apps that bring value to your business. For sure, there’s a lot you can benefit from by using tools like Canva and Designrr, which make graphic design easier so you can publish amazing marketing materials easily. When it comes to task management, apps such as Wunderlist and Trello are great for delegating tasks to specific team members and prioritizing workflows.

Cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive are also great if you need to share and modify files in real time with your staff. There are many more apps you can use to maximize productivity, so be sure to pick the right one that supports whatever projects, investment deals, and campaigns you’re working on.

Make communication seamless

If you’re an investor, a venture capitalist, or the owner of a tech startup, your calendar is swamped with meetings and other events that take place outside your office. You want to be in control of the other aspects of your business, so you will need to reach out to partners, employees, and supervisors whenever you have the chance.

Zoom, for one, can help you organize virtual meetings where you can share screens, record conversations for documentation, and collaborate using an innovative remote control feature. When you’re out on the field, though, you will need a reliable network provider like SMARTY Mobile that can do wonders for when you need to have personal conversations with family or give clear instructions to your team without any lag or noise.

Delegate and assign

When you’re the boss, you might think that micro-managing your business is a pretty good idea. But really, you’re only wearing yourself out and spreading yourself too thin. Focusing too much on one area would mean placing less attention on another, which isn’t ideal if you plan to improve the quality of work your employees produce.

The best you can do is to assign much of the monitoring work to supervisors and team leaders. Orient them on what you expect in terms of results so they can help sort out issues and optimize productivity without you chiming in.

Quality and efficiency work hand-in-hand so long as you apply the right approaches that allow you to produce excellent products and services at a faster and prolific pace.

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