Global Clean Water Secures $3M USD In Funding

AquaGuidance’s Gravity-Fed Water Filter Eliminates Need for Power, Chemicals

Cities and communities around the world struggling with access to clean water now have a pathway to purer drinking water.

US-based AquaGuidance, an innovator in water-purification filtration technology, has secured early-stage financing of $3 million from Blue Planet Group, Ltd (BPG), a multi-national investor-owned enterprise, for its innovative gravity-fed water filtration media.

The filter is capable of removing live viruses from pre-filtered drinking water. The funding round will support market growth for its subsidiary, AquaGuidance’s prototype gravity-fed filtration system, designed to remove harmful live viruses, bacteria, and cysts, producing safe drinking water without chemicals or reliance on power or pressure.

AquaGuidance’s filtration media (multiple patents pending) is the first known gravity-fed filter technology to pass the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) P231 test protocol for virus removal without the use of chemicals, power, or pressure. The protocol sets up challenging, harsh standards for the removal of pathogens in a variety of water streams including those which have high levels of organic acids. The only systems currently able to pass P231 operate under pressurized flow from plumbing or require electricity and/or the use of chemicals. AquaGuidance’s technology will enable manufacturers of simple gravity-fed ceramic and hollow fiber membrane filters in common use to upgrade their systems to achieve effective removal of live viruses.

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