Visionstate (TSX: VIS) Invests in Exceed Solar, Incorporates Sustainability in Business Model

In a continued effort to bring awareness to global issues, leaders at Visionstate Corp (TSX:VIS) have invested in Exceed Solar, an industry leading company that works to promote alternative energy and sustainable living.

Exceed Solar, which is currently working in collaboration with the University of Alberta to install a solar greenhouse in order to research and expand interest in cold climate greenhouses, announced the project will launch this spring.
“Renewable energy design is driven by this project as it will not only provide students the education of solar energy and sustainable permaculture but also serve as a foundation of research for professors. We are very excited to contribute to this project.” explains project leader Larry Zhong.

Visionstate’s investment in Exceed Solar is aligned with the company’s goal of developing smart technology solutions that promote sustainability.

Visionstate’s primary focus is expanding the use and enhancing the functionality of its unique Internet of Things (IoT) WANDA™ solution. The company’s strategic investment in Exceed Solar seeks to extend WANDA’s IoT application beyond its existing footprint. ù

Exceed Solar believes local gardening and community gardening will grow in importance as the effects of climate change put pressure on traditional food sources. The research with University of Alberta will focus on the efficiencies of solar panels, permaculture applications, and sensors designed to monitor environmental conditions. Exceed Solar will also work with researchers to implement IoT sensors to monitor environmental conditions for cold climate greenhouses.

In August, Exceed Solar made its first sale of the Sol Studio, a 10 by 12-foot backyard garden suite constructed using smart technology and environmentally friendly building materials. The Sol Studio is installed in backyards as entertainment centres, studios, offices, children’s play area, or simply to power backyard appliances using its 2.5 kw\h solar kit.

“We are extremely excited about the work Exceed Solar is doing to disrupt traditional building by introducing scalable, high tech structures that incorporate sustainable building materials and smart technology,” explains Visionstate CEO John Putters.

For Visionstate specifically, the shift to eco-friendly investments is partly due to factors like climate change and green-focused initiatives.

“Through building up a collection of synergistic technologies, Visionstate Corp. will continue to innovate, reduce environmental impact and transform consumer experiences. Overall, we are joining the movement with other corporations to reevaluate how our products and overall production practices are affecting the environment,” speaks CEO John Putters.

Visionstate Corp. is also investing in Freedom Cannabis, a company which is using solar power to help offset their energy use. The largest solar operation in Canada, Freedom Cannabis’ rooftop solar system can be found at its Edmonton facility, and will ultimately reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In August 2019, Freedom Cannabis harvested its first licenced crop. Currently the company is building out its lab and testing facilities to serve the medicinal and recreational cannabis markets. The Freedom Cannabis team has been busy beginning to build the Freedom brand at the retail level.

“It is our responsibility to recognize our industry’s impact on the environment and work to do everything we can to minimize it,” said Troy Dezwart, the company’s co-founder and executive director.

Outside of investing in sustainable initiatives, Visionstate is working to expand its smart restroom management system, WANDA™ (washroom attendant notification digital aid). WANDA is a smart software system designed to measure efficient restroom cleaning and customer satisfaction. The 15-inch smart device, which collects data from sensors, customer alerts and staff cleaning activities, has been installed in large multi-use centers across Canada and the United States.

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