Rane Acquires Stratfor


Network-based risk intelligence company Rane (Risk Assistance Network + Exchange) acquired Stratfor, a geopolitical intelligence platform based in Austin, Texas.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

The combination will enable Rane to deliver an expanded suite of services for risk professionals and corporations looking to understand, manage, and mitigate geopolitical threats from around the world. In connection with the transaction, Dallas-based private equity firm Teakwood Capital has made an investment in Rane.

For more than 20 years, Stratfor has provided geopolitical analysis and forecasting of global trends to businesses, governments, and individuals across an array of industries. Its geopolitical analysts uncover emerging trends to interpret the meaning of global events and produce objective analysis and forecasts for clients to navigate their way through a complex international environment.

Stratfor’s geopolitical content and analysis will soon be available through the RANE platform, where members have access to a comprehensive suite of tools and services, including smart curation of risk-relevant news and market information, actionable intelligence drawn from the RANE community, and a global marketplace of pre-screened risk experts and service providers.

The acquisition also complements the recent release of RANE’s proprietary Global Risk Index and Dashboard, a platform-based tool used to evaluate the drivers of country level risk.

Rane (Risk Assistance Network + Exchange) is a network-based risk intelligence company connecting risk and security professionals to critical insights and expertise, enabling them to efficiently address their most pressing challenges and drive better risk management outcomes. RANE members receive exclusive access to a global marketplace of credentialed risk experts and service providers, proprietary community-driven risk intelligence, and a range of support services and risk management programs.



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